What's On

Here is a link to a website you may find useful: The Gospel Online and also a YouTube channel about the Gospel message.

This is our regular weekly plan of events, God willing.
  • Alternate Thursdays
    • 7:30pm Bible seminar
    • Everyone welcome
    • We are currently going through the book of Revelation
  • Each Sunday
    • 2:00pm Sunday School (ages 4-16)
    • 2:00pm Discussion Group:
      • An open discussion on applying God's principles & guidance in your own life
    • 3:30pm Breaking of Bread Service
      • This service is targeted at existing Church members, but you are free to come along.
  • Wednesdays
    • 7:30pm Bible Class
      • In-depth Bible-based lecture/discussion
  • Fridays (Not every week)
    • 6:30pm and 7:30pm Youth Clubs
    • This is often at another location, e.g. Beach
    • Please contact us if you would like to come along