New Year - New Challenge

It’s a fair guess that quite a few of you will have already broken your new year resolution by the time you read this.  Maybe you could make up for it by taking on a new one - getting to grips with what the Bible is all about.  The Bible is the world’s all-time bestseller, with over 5 billion copies sold to date.  Most people in this country have access to a Bible and anyone with an internet connection can download a copy for free.  It has never been more available, and yet it remains a closed book for most.

This is a real shame because the Bible is an intriguing book which offers those who do take the time to read it many benefits, including:

·         Lots of practical advice and guidance
·         Words of comfort and encouragement for when we are down
·         An understanding of why we are here and what is the purpose of our life 
·         Many predictions of future events, all of which to date have come true with startling accuracy
·         A real and solid hope for the future

One of the most astonishing claims made by the Bible writers is that although they physically penned the words they did so under God’s direction, as in this verse from the second letter Paul wrote to Timothy;

All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness.  (2 Timothy 3v16, ESV)

This makes the Bible no less than a message from God Himself to you and me.  If that is true (and we believe it is!) then surely, we can’t ignore what He has to say.

In order to help you achieve your resolution we are making available a free correspondence course called “Exploring the Bible”.  To apply for this simply contact us by texting or phoning 07920 840377, writing to Freepost RTLC-RZRC-UKXT, Bible Information Service, 110 Pontarddulais Road, Gorseinon, SWANSEA, SA4 4FQ or message @gorseinonchristadelphians (Facebook), including in your message your name and email or postal address.