A 10 week course: The Gospel in Isaiah 

The prophecy of Isaiah is in the Old Testament, part of the Bible that tells us about the nation of Israel before the birth of Jesus.  There is historical and archaeological evidence that demonstrates that much of what Isaiah predicted would happen, came true. Yet some of the prophecy is yet to be fulfilled.  Written around 700BC, in a turbulent time of Israel’s history, with the constant threat of war and invasion in the Middle East, a picture emerges of God’s plan for the world: a Saviour who would one day be a king, reigning over a world free of suffering, violence, conflict and exploitation.  

Find out more with this 10 week seminar style course looking at the amazing prophecy of Isaiah.

The Bible gives us God’s solution to human problems…

A lot of people are genuinely worried about the future of the world and wonder whether mankind will survive the threats which terrorism, pollution, violence, global warming, famine, disease and corruption seem to pose. It is interesting that one of the great themes of Bible teaching is that the world has a future, and the book of Isaiah has a lot to say about this. If you want to discover more about the Prophecy of Isaiah, and see how understanding the Old Testament helps to open up the message of the Bible, then register for this 10 week course.

Topics covered:
  • An Introduction to Isaiah
  • Lessons from History 
  • The World as It is...
  • Isaiah’s Message to You and Me
  • The Messiah
  • God’s Witnesses
  • Isaiah in the New Testament
  • What Isaiah tells us about God
  • The World which will be...
  • Isaiah’s Challenge to You and Me

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How to register:  

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