The Bible Exhibition

Have you ever wondered where the Bible came from?  Do you know how relevant it is to our lives today?  The Bible predicts the future and assures us that God has the solution to human problems!

However you look at it, the Bible is an extraordinary and unique book.

No other book has all the following features:
  • Consists of 66 books with just under 3000 characters
  • Penned by over 40 writers and written over 1600 years
  • Contains narrative, documentation, poetry, letters and prophecy but all with a consistent message

The Bible Exhibition explains the miracle of the Bible’s survival, how it accurately describes past events and predicts future ones and what its unique message is.

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Opening times for the Bible Exhibition:
Open daily in the Mumbles Ostreme Centre from 10:00am to 6:00pm from 11-18th August.  Please note that we will be closing at 2:00pm on Saturday 18th August.

Bible Presentations:
These will be given from Tuesday 14th to Thursday 16th in three different locations.  They will focus on God’s solution to human problems.

Bible Readings Groups:
These will run daily at 10:30am if you would like to join in or listen to a Bible discussion or having a burning question answered.  There is also an opportunity to sign up to Bible seminars commencing early September.

Story and Rhyme time at the Bible Exhibition:
The Kids’ Corner is a great place for Bible related arts and activities.  Story time will run daily at 10:30am with crafts, colouring and Bible Explorers’ trail quiz available throughout the day.