A Dramatised Investigation into the Death and Resurrection of Jesus

In this dramatised court case we call on the eye-witness accounts and evidence we have of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection to establish whether this event was even possible. It is one of the best attested facts in history, and yet is far from universally accepted. We invite you to witness a trial of the facts and witness accounts, and implore you to judge for yourself based on the evidence alone.

You are invited to a presentation which will take place on two different days, in two different venues, God willing:

Our presentation will take the form of a trial, where a group of amateur actors will take on the roles of a judge, usher and various witnesses (including the soldier who confirmed the death of Jesus, the man who buried him, and people who saw him after his resurrection). In addition to our witnesses, we will examine the medical evidence for Jesus’ death and the records of his life after death. We invite you to be our jury, and decide on the evidence for yourself.

Throughout history, many of the followers of the Lord Jesus Christ have been arrested, flogged, tortured, persecuted and killed for his name.  In the face of adversity they have stuck by our Lord’s teachings and spread his message given by God to men and women over the whole Earth.  These people gave up their own lives, confident of the same hope - the hope of being raised back to life again when Jesus returns: the hope of resurrection.

As our country celebrates the holiday of Easter, and considers Jesus Christ - his life and death - we invite you to weigh up the evidence for this event. If you have never heard the Easter story, or would just like to know more about the foundation of the Christian belief, please come along for an insightful  and challenging experience.